Unfortunate Family situations, at any time, can lead to unexpected disputes and can provide real difficulties for parents when trying to reach arrangements in respect of children.

Our friendly team of Children Law Solicitors specialises in offering sensible advice to help resolve tense situations, and reaching agreements that can help find a happier long-term solutions for families.

We provide timely consultations to agree a plan to discuss through situations in detail and take the burden of our clients carrying the pressure to find their legals answers. In many cases, we attempt to resolve matters in via communications with the other parties in writing that can be an effective way to quickly start to progress matters in the right direction. Any issues resolved by agreement are often more effective in the long-term. On other occasions, a Court Order may be required to properly define arrangements. Court hearings are required to reach decisions for families and our Solicitors deal with matters all the way through to final hearings in the local Courts.

If you are having any family difficulties relating to your children and require support from a friendly and professional team please do not hesitate to contact 01902 313311. Ben Thorne and his Child Care team will be available to advise you.